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For my take on: Digital Banner Advertising     READ this paper

“A Dynamic Model for Digital Advertising: The Effects of Creative Formats, Message Content and Targeting on Engagement”, April 2016. Download pdfRead Abstract.

– By  Norris I. Bruce, B.P.S. Murthi and Ram C. Rao

“New Product Preannouncement: Phantom Products, Unexpected Cannibalization and the Osborne Effect”, April 2016. Download pdfRead Abstract.

– By  Ram C. Rao and Ozge Turut


Managing Competition: Promotions that Reduce Pricing Pressure“, October 2014. Download pdf. Read Abstract.

– By David W. Richardson and Ram C. Rao


Unintended Consequences of Promotions: Should Managers Worry about Consumer Stockpiling?”, April 2015.  Download pdfRead Abstract.

– By Manish Gangwar, Nanda Kumar and Ram C. Rao


An Equilibrium Analysis of Daily Deal Strategies: When Should a Daily Deal Website Display Deal Sales?”, Management Science 2016.  Download pdf of working paperRead Abstract.

– By Upender Subramanian and Ram C. Rao


Relating Heavy Snacking to Variation in Consumption Across Snack Brands and Categories“, September 2013. Download pdfRead Abstract.

– By Marina Girju, B.P.S Murthi, and Ram C. Rao






  1. You seem to be a prolific writer, now we have two in the family and a third one has already started her publishing career

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