Sales Force

RAM C. RAO and Ronald E. Turner,

“Sales Force Specialization and Selling Effectiveness,” Proceedings, American Marketing Educators’ Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 1978 (August), 253-259.

Reprinted in Sales Management: New Developments from Behavioral and Decision Model Approach, Richard P. Bagozzi, (ed.), Marketing Science Institute Report No. 79-107, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1979, 377-385.

RAM C. RAO and Ronald E. Turner,

“Organization and Effectiveness of the Multiple Product Sales Force,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, IV (1), 1984 (May), 24-30, Winner of MU KAPPA TAU Award for Best Paper in the journal in 1984.


“Compensating Heterogeneous Salesforces: Some Explicit Solutions,” Marketing Science, 9 (4), 1990 (fall), 319-341.

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